The Importance of a Furnace Tune-Up

Like most of the things in life we depend on, your furnace needs a little TLC in order to keep running smoothly and efficiently. In fact, performing annual preventive maintenance on your furnace will help extend its life and insure peak performance when you need it most.

While there are a few things every owner can do on their own, regular maintenance is something best handled by specialists like Riverside Heating & Plumbing, in Langley.

Why Is a Furnace Tune-Up Important?

Your furnace, like a car, has several parts that need to be verified, adjusted and kept clean. Just like you get your car’s oil changed at regular intervals to ensure that all the moving parts perform well, your furnace needs yearly attention from a furnace repair and cleaning specialist. Regular tune-ups will also help validate your warranty, and help extend the life of your unit. A furnace unit that runs at maximum efficiency can also help keep your energy bills down, saving you money in the long run,

What Does a Tune-Up Include?

Most furnace cleaning specialists will usually tend to the following elements:

  • Inspecting the heat exchanger and combustion chamber
  • Inspecting and cleaning the burner, pilot light or ignition, as well as all the electrical connections
  • Remove dust, grime and scale
  • Inspect the vent pipe for gas leaks, and look for the presence of Carbon Monoxide
  • Inspect the blower wheel, filter, motors, belts and air flow
  • Inspect the safety controls, thermostat, and thermocouple

How Often Should You Get Your Furnace Tuned-Up?

You should schedule regular maintenance calls every fall, before the furnace starts seeing regular use. There are some things you can do on your own, such as changing the air filter regularly, and making sure your thermostats are functioning properly for both heating and air conditioning. You should also have a few carbon monoxide detectors around your house, and test them on a regular basis. For everything else, schedule a visit from a furnace repair and cleaning specialist.

Fall into the Habit

Keeping your home warm and comfortable is important for the well-being of your family, especially with the types of winter we usually see in Canada. Giving your furnace a yearly tune-up can help you stay warm, even in the worst weather. Riverside Heating & Plumbing is your one-stop shop for furnace cleaning and repair in Langley. Visit our website for more information, or give us a call to schedule your fall furnace tune-up. Get it done right, right away.