The Truth About Water-Efficient Plumbing Products

Water-efficient products have come a long way since the mid-90s. However, many of the old stories about how these products function remain. In reality, today’s homeowner is fortunate to have a wide range of highly functional options that just weren’t available twenty years ago. Making a green choice no longer means having to sacrifice on other points.

Plumbers like us at Riverside Heating & Plumbing love when Langley folk like you choose to update your homes with water-efficient products like:

  • High-efficiency toilets
  • Ultra-low-flow showerheads
  • High-efficiency faucets
  • Water-saving washing machines
  • Water-efficient dishwashers

It makes us feel good to know we’re helping you help protect the planet. Plumbing installation of water-efficient products in Langley is one of our favourite things. If you’re still unsure about these products, then allow us be of some assistance by giving you the lowdown. Here are five myths about water-efficient products you may be surprised to discover are simply not true.

  1. Water-efficient products don’t really save that much water. Not so. Today’s products can save litres upon litres of water in an average household. For an example, updating your toilet alone can preserve as much as 15,000 litres of water a year in a four-person home.
  2. Water-efficient products aren’t stylish. This may have been the case at one point, but today’s products come in a wide range of styles. Even the most discerning consumer is bound to find something that is appealing.
  3. Water-efficient products are too expensive. Not true. You’ll find a wide range of products at varying price points. The costs of today’s water-efficient products are on par with all other products on the market.
  4. Water-efficient toilets have to be flushed twice. Nope. One flush is all that’s required for both liquid and solid waste.
  5. Water-efficient showerheads deliver a shoddy bathing experience. In the old days you could barely rinse the shampoo from your hair in a low-flow shower. Today’s products are different. You can now get great water pressure and reduce your amount of water waste too.

Whatever products you ultimately decide upon for your home, Riverside Heating & Plumbing is here to be of service when you’re ready to have them installed. A family run and operated business, we’re the plumbing contractor of choice for Langley and surrounding areas. We offer efficient and affordable service 24/7. Call us today to receive a free estimate or to find out about our latest promotions.