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Hot Water Tanks in Langley: Repair, Installation and Replacement

Hot water heaters with tanks are used to heat water in your home. Any time you use hot water, whether for washing clothes and dishes or taking a shower, your hot water heater is used. With technology advancing as quickly as ever, there are two general types of hot water heaters that could be in your home – ones with tanks and ones without. 

If you have a hot water tank in Langley, you may be worried about durability and reliability. Overall, hot water tanks are very durable and efficient, but with regular maintenance your hot water heater in Langley will last you for years to come. 

More about Hot Water Tanks

If you have a hot water heater with a tank it will either be electric or fuel-fired. Common fuels used for hot water tanks are gas and oil. On top of either type of tank, electric or fuel, you will see the water supply and delivery pipes. The supply pipe brings cold water to the bottom of the tank through what is called the dip tube. The hot water delivery pipe removes the hot water from the top of the tank.

Hot water tanks also come with safety valves to ensure the water pressure and temperature stay within a certain range as well as an anode rod to protect the tank from corrosion. This anode rod is designed to corrode instead of the walls of the tank, and it will eventually wear away. To keep your tank in top running condition, you should check the anode rod on a yearly basis and replace it when necessary. 

Hot water tanks not only heat water and send it throughout your home, they also store the water until it is used. Most hot water tanks hold anywhere from 30 to 80 gallons of water. You’ll want to choose the size of your water tank based on the number of people in your home and how frequently you use heated water. To keep the water heated while it is waiting to be used, your hot water tank will be insulated. 

Depending on the type of hot water heater you have, your tank will either be heated by electrical-resistance heating elements or gas-fired burners. In either case, when the hot water tap is opened and the hot water leaves the tank, cold water enters the tank through the dip tube at the bottom. As the temperature in the tank drops from the new water being added, the heating element is activated to heat the water once again.

Maintenance for Hot Water Tanks in Langley

Regular maintenance for hot water tanks includes flushing them. A contractor will come to your home and empty the tank of all water. This process is necessary the same way you need to get an oil change on your car. As the water is flushed out, sediments and other buildup material inside the tank is washed away, providing a clean surface for heating your water. 

We recommend getting your hot water tank flushed every year because it is so important to retaining the quality of your water. 

Replacement, Repairs & Installation of Hot Water Tanks

Water heaters with tanks may be of an older design than tankless heaters, but they are still reliable. If you have a hot water tank in your home or are looking to install one, call Riverside Heating & Pluming for fair pricing on installation, repairs and replacements of hot water tanks in Langley.

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